Jefferson Elementary School


Jazz Music

Brittanica Logo Encyclopedia Britannica (provided by BadgerLinks)
 World Book World Book Online
 Jazz for Young People Pictures, music, information about jazz, jazz musicians and more!
 History of Jazz Find out about the history of jazz.
 Nicky the Jazz Cat This website is about the book Nicky the Jazz Cat.
 Jazz Composers Information on the famous composers Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.
 Smithsonian Jazz The Smithsonian has information about the history of jazz and jazz musicians.


Cool Composers Students created this site about composers!

Learn About the Orchestra

 Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra Several fun games are on this site!
Instrument Lab In this Instrument Lab you can listen to and "virtually" handle all the instruments of the orchestra.

Exploring Sounds

 Learn Musical Notes Test your musical knowledge.
 Music Theory Test your knowledge of music notes.
 Music Dots Create your own music using dots.
 Classics for Kids Listen to classical music.
Watch videos, play games and download free music!
 Wild Music Build a Soundscape and learn about sound.