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Things to Know About Jefferson Elementary

Empowered and Engaged Learning is essential at Jefferson, here is an example of how to learn important math skills through "Math Raps"!

Mission Statement

Student achievement is our priority.

Student Creed

I am a unique and important student at Jefferson Elementary.  I believe in myself and my ability to work with others, persevere, learn, and keep others safe.  I am a Jefferson Jaguar, and I am ready to succeed. 

Populations and Services

  • We currently have 300+ students enrolled at Jefferson. Our youngest students are served through our special education early childhood program, Title I Pre-K program, and the Speech and Language Talk and Learn program. Early Intervention is a key to helping these students prepare for their kindergarten experience.
  • We have two classrooms at each grade level except second grade. There are three classrooms at that grade levels. Class sizes range from 16 to 23 students.
  • To help our students succeed we have a number of special programs available such as: learning disability programs, English language learner program, Speech and Language program, school wide Title I reading program, Talented and Gifted program, and emotional/behavioral disabilities-EBD. (Students in the EBD program come from a variety of home school areas. We are one of five elementary magnet schools for this program.)
  • We also have the services of the following specialty staff: an innovative learning specialist, school counselor, school social worker, school psychologist and learning support teacher.
  • Our student population has a 20% minority population and 48% or our students are receiving free or reduced lunches.

Jefferson Schoolwide Title I Program Notice

As a school with a low-income rate of 62.5%, Jefferson School receives federal Title I funds to support the learning of all students through a Schoolwide Title I Program. Schoolwide programs serve all children in a school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall schoolwide program. The purpose is to ensure all students, including those most in need, are positioned to  meet the state's challenging academic standards. Schoolwide Title I schools annually complete a needs assessment to identify the school’s strengths and areas for improvement in student achievement, develop strategies and actions steps to address how the goals identified will be achieved, and evaluates and updates the plan as needed.

Schoolwide Title I schools are required to engage parents and families in the Title I planning and evaluation process as well as provide opportunities for parents and families to engage in supporting their child’s education.  Copies of the Schoolwide Title I Plan and the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy are available upon request. Please contact the school secretary at 608-743-6600 or  to request a copy.