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Hello Jefferson Families!

Time for a cell phone?

Q: My fourth-grader says some of his friends are getting cell phones, and now he wants one. Are cell phones appropriate at this age?

A: Most kids this age don’t really need a cell phone, since they’re supervised by adults who carry phones. And owning a phone, especially one with internet access, is a big responsibility. To decide when to give your son a phone, first think about your family’s budget. Also, consider how well he follows safety rules and takes care of his belongings. Those are good indicators of how he will behave with a phone.

If you feel he’s ready, you might start with a lower-cost one with limited features. Then, create guidelines. Perhaps he may use his phone to call or text family members and close friends. Discuss consequences for breaking or losing it. And set times when his phone is off-limits, such as during family meals, in the hour before bedtime and after lights-out.


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