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Hello Jefferson Families!

Persuasive writing: Buy my product.

Could your child convince someone to buy a rock? What about an ice cube? This silly family activity lets her practice persuasive writing by creating a commercial for an unlikely “product.”

1. Decide what to sell. Ask each family member to think of something you probably wouldn’t buy in real life, such as an empty cardboard box, a snowball, or a brick.

2. Write a script. Each person should make up a commercial advertising her product. Include a vivid description of your item and convincing reasons to buy it. Example: “Introducing our smooth, perfectly square ice cube! Just this single cube will keep your small glass of lemonade nice and cool—without watering it down.”

3. Present your ads. Take turns performing your commercials in your best TV announcer voice. The advertisement voted most persuasive wins!♥


 Mr. Kurt Krueger, Principal
1831 Mt Zion Ave
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