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Principal Kurt Krueger

Kurt Krueger

Hello Jefferson Families!

Learning as a family!

Keep your youngster excited about learning by making it a family affair. With these ideas, he'll see that learning is a lifelong journey. 

Interview relatives.

Your child can learn from relatives who remember living through an event or a time period he's studying in history. The whole family could gather around to hear about a grandparent’s experience watching the first moon landing on television.

Give a lesson.

Let your child be the teacher! Say he’s learning about states of matter in science. He might help you cook and point out that water turns into a gas (steam) when it boils. Or he could make ice pops to demonstrate that water changes to a solid in the freezer.

On the go.

Find family outings related to what your child studies. A high school orchestra lets him hear more experienced musicians playing instruments he uses in music class. If he’s learning ways to protect the environment, consider participating in a local watershed cleanup as a family.♥


Mr. Kurt Krueger, Principal
1831 Mt Zion Ave
Janesville, WI 53545