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Hello Jefferson Families!

Setting Expectations.

Andrew always wears his sneakers to PE class and returns his books on library day. Robert sometimes forgets his sneakers and missed out on PE, or he leaves his library books at home and can’t check out new ones.

What’s the difference? Andrew’s parents expect him to keep track of his schedule. Here’s how to set expectations for your child.

Discuss in advance.

Be clear about what you expect, and remind your child regularly. For example, if you want him to manage his schedule, you might post it on the refrigerator and tell him that it’s his job to check it each day. Or if you’re getting a pet, explain that he’ll need to do to care for it (“You’ll be in charge of filling the food bowl every evening.”)

Be reasonable.

Set expectations that your child can live up to. If he plays soccer, for instance, you might not expect him to score goals, but you could expect him to attend every practice, show good sportsmanship, and try his best.


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