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Kurt Krueger


Hello Jefferson Families!

“I love to learn”

Children devote more energy to learning when they’re motivated. These ideas will boost your child’s thirst for knowledge.

Show enthusiasm

Tell your child what you learn. (“I found out that about 90 percent of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere?”) Also, ask him to teach you information he learn in school. If he’s studying nocturnal animals, he might explain to you why his hamster runs on its wheel at night. He’ll see learning as an everyday activity for kids and grown-ups, and your attitude will be contagious.

Inspire curiosity. Express interest when your youngster poses questions. If he asks why we get the hiccups, or whether owls really are wise, you could say, “That’s a good question! Let’s find out together.” Then, help him look up the topic in a library book or online. When you discover the answer, encourage him to share it with friends or relatives so they can learn more, too.


Mr. Kurt Krueger, Principal
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