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Hello Jefferson Families!

Being responsible

Megan keeps up with her homework and is always ready for soccer practice on time. The reason? She has learned about responsibility from a young age. Consider these hands-on ways to help your youngster be responsible, too.

Part of the team

Show your child that everyone’s responsibilities matter. Have her cut bookmark-sized strips of paper and write a family activity on one (eating dinner). On the others, she should write jobs that make it happen (plan the meal, buy groceries, cook, set the table). Now let her link the strips to make a chain. She’ll see that dinner relies on everyone doing their job!

Around the clock

Help your youngster get in the habit of handling her responsibilities on time. Let her draw a clock on paper or poster board and add sticky notes labeled with daily tasks. She might put “Homework” at 4 p.m. and “Walk the dog” at 7 p.m. Have her post the clock in a visible spot as a reminder.

Caught in the act

“Catch” your child being responsible, and tell her you noticed. (“That was responsible of you to throw away your trash.”) You could even snap photos of her responsible behavior (say, making her bed) and hang them on the refrigerator. Seeing the photos will inspire her to continue being responsible.♥


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